Candlewood Business Systems is a Supplier. We offer the latest models from the world's most respected manufacturers of high tech office equipment. We work with our customers to provide the best solution suited to their individual budget and business demands. Printers, Copiers, Shredders, Paper Handling Equipment, and a host of other devices are at our disposal to fulfill whatever requirements are necessary to create a fully functioning business environment.

Candlewood Business Systems is Service. Be it a purchase from us, or a previous purchase, we offer the ability to use our 30+ years in the business to repair any and all office equipment. We will offer estimates on needed repairs and make necessary and cost effective recommendations should a malfunctioning machine require replacement.

Candlewood Business Systems is a Support Center. We not only provide you with new equipment, we install and maintain our equipment for as long as necessary. We will even offer support for your existing office equipment. Our support also extends to your PC and network environment, assisting in keeping the backbone of your business - it's network - running smoothly and efficiently, be it software installation, maintenance, support, or troubleshooting.

Candlewood Business Systems is Peace of Mind. Once you've made the choice to use us for your needs, be they supplies, maintenance, repairs, purchases, technical support, or advice, we will be available to you from that point forward to assist in whatever capacity you require. By phone or email, we are available and will move quickly to solve your problems, provide for your needs, and lend the support necessary to keep your focus off of your technical environment and on the running of your business.